Water Utility

The Anderson Water Utility is one of the larger municipal water utilities in the State of Indiana that procures from groundwater sources, processes, and distributes to all classes of customers through 21,500 individual customer service connections.

This utility serves the public with three separate well fields and two treatment plants to create a greater level of reliability for this highly important aspect of infrastructure. It is important to note that all raw water sources are groundwater and therefore have a much more consistent composition when compared with the fluctuating characteristics associated with surface sources. The two treatment plants combined provide a capacity of 13.88 Million Gallons per day. The City currently has an average daily demand of 10.2 Million Gallons per day.  We are already in the process of expanding our surplus groundwater supply to become even more drought resistant and for any potential industrial candidates.

Each treatment plant hosts individual auxiliary power, with basic treatment processes such as aeration, sand filtration, fluoridation, chlorination, and the addition of polyphosphates / orthophosphates. Water is then delivered to the 420 linear mile distribution system and its seven elevated storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 6.5 MG. The grid network multi-directional flow distribution system can accommodate large industrial users in a wide range of locations throughout the city.

With some of the more competitive rates in the State of Indiana, this utility has the excess capacity to become even more of an attraction to various perspective commercial and industrial users.

based on 2015 rate (current rate)

 1,000,000   3,785,300 1336 $2,003.87
 2,000,000   7,570,600 2673 $3,725.93
 3,000,000   11,355,900 4010 $5,447.99
 4,000,000   15,141,200 5347 $7,170.04
 5,000,000   18,926,500 6684 $8,892.10
 6,000,000   22,711,800 8021 $10,614.15
 7,000,000   26,497,100 9358 $12,336.21
 8,000,000   30,282,400 10695 $14,058.27
 9,000,000   34,067,700 12032 $15,780.32
 10,000,000   37,853,000 13368 $17,501.09