Wastewater Utility

TheWater Pollution Control Utility (WPCU) is a Class IV, activated sludge wastewater treatment facility, with an average design flow of 21.25 MGD. The wastewater facility was formerly comprised of two separate treatment plants, which were the “New Plant” and the “Old Plant.” The Dewey Street Plant which was formerly the primary treatment facility for the “New Plant” now houses the wet weather and dry weather pumps as well as coarse screening for the facility. The two grit removal tanks, Parshall flume flow meter and the four primary settling tanks are utilized for wet weather flows in excess of 21.25 MGD. Once the wet weather flow receives preliminary and primary treatment it is discharged via “Outfall 005.”

The majority of Anderson’s collection system discharges into the Dewey Street Facility where dry weather flow is screened and then pumped to the Gene Gustin Way newly constructed “Preliminary Treatment Facility” or “PTF” which contains fine screens and grit removal. The Dewey Street flows converge with those from the Park Road Force main and Overflow structure as well as flow which was formerly sent to the “Old Plant.” After processing through the PTF, a portion of the flow is sent through the grit chamber and two rectangular primary clarifiers and then all of the flow goes through conventional activated sludge treatment tanks. After passing through the aeration system flow is split among the eight circular clarifiers.

Tertiary treatment is obtained by using the advanced treatment portion of the Gene Gustin Way facilities which includes a bio-tower pumping station, two bio-towers (which can be operated in series or parallel modes), a filter backwash surge tank, three filter influent screw pumps, six gravity mono-media filters, chlorination/de- chlorination facilities (with bypass for non-disinfection period) and an effluent flow meter. Solids treatment units include two sludge storage tanks and one sludge thickening tank, a bio-solids processing building and a bio-solids windrow building utilizing a lime stabilization process.

The collection system is comprised of both separate sanitary and combined storm and sanitary sewers by design. Eleven Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) points exist in the combined portions of the sewer collection system. Additionally, one bypass point (Outfall 005) is present at the wastewater treatment facility. The wastewater treatment facility serves the City of Anderson, Town of Edgewood, and multiple industrial contributors.