Anderson Advanced Manufacturing Program (AAMP)

Looking for a Job?  It's time to AAMP UP your life!

The Anderson Advanced Manufacturing Program (AAMP) is a job training program that works with both our educational and corporate partners to fill vacant positions with graduates who show the proper work ethic and basic skill levels required by our area manufacturers.  

  • AAMP launched Monday, April 1st 2019 at the Purdue Polytechnic Institute
  • AAMP training slots are paid positions: $1,600 for the entire 160 hour program (4 weeks @ 40 hours per week)
  • Ten 4-week classes are planned for 2020 starting in February
  • AAMP training and curriculum has been created by Purdue Anderson with direction from NTN, NTK & Sirmax and is open to additional company participation
  • AAMP graduate will earn the Purdue University Advanced Manufacturing Certificate and have priority interview status with participating employers
  • AAMP is modeled after the Lafayette RAMP program created by Subaru & Conexus which has successfully reduced new employee turnover by 60% while reducing costs
  • AAMP will utilize the same applicant selection, training and participation criteria as AAMP participating companies

AAMP 2020 Schedule (Ten 4-week classes)

AAMP Program has been temporarily suspended due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

AAMP 2020 Schedule


Week 1
  • Introduction – Mission/Vision/Company Backgrounds
  • Work Conditioning/Safety/Ergonomics
  • Hygiene/Contracts
  • Role Play/LES Simulator/Conflict Resolution
  • Gauging/Gauging and Job Shadow with Industry Partners
  • 5S/Simulator
Week 2
  • Daily Work Conditioning (Stretching, Physical Activity)
  • Change Management – Who Moved My Cheese
  • Calipers/Calipers and Job Shadow with Industry Partners
  • Effective Listening
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Tensile Testing/ and Tensile Testing Job Shadow with Industry Partners
Week 3
  • Daily Work Conditioning
  • Standard Work
  • LEAN Simulator
  • PDCA
  • Paradigms
Week 4
  • Daily Work Conditioning
  • A3 (8 Step)
  • Review
  • Reflection
  • Graduation
  • Next Steps – Industry Partners

For applications to participate in AAMP as a company or as a candidate, contact:

Marc Slayton
Deputy Director of Economic Development
City of Anderson

Ready to apply?  Click here to download AAMP Application Form!

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